Helicopter vs. Airplane tour: What to choose at the Grand Canyon

Helicopter vs. Airplane tour: What to choose at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders, drawing millions of visitors each year. To experience the canyon’s beauty from a unique perspective, tourists can choose between two types of air tours: helicopter and airplane. While both provide stunning views of the canyon, there are significant differences between the two tours that visitors should consider before making a decision.

Pros and cons of helicopter and airplane tours

Helicopter tours: The Pros

  • Intimate and immersive experience
  • Fly slower and at lower altitudes
  • Provide close-up looks
  • More time to experience the Canyon
  • Can land within the Canyon

Airplane tours: The Pros

  • Cheaper / more budget friendly
  • Often more comfortable
  • Perfect option for families and groups
  • Covering more ground: See more of the Canyon

Helicopter tours: The Cons

  • Louder than the airplane tours
  • Don’t cover as much ground
  • Not as good for families and groups due to limited space
  • More expensive than airplance tours

Airplane tours: The Cons

  • Less time to see the Canyon details due to higher speed
  • Operates at higher altitudes – admiring the details of the Canyon can be harder
  • often have larger groups of passengers, which can make for a less personalized experience

Helicopter Tours at the Grand Canyon

Helicopter tours offer a more intimate and immersive experience than airplane tours. Helicopters can fly at lower altitudes and maneuver in ways that airplanes cannot, giving passengers a close-up look at the canyon’s unique features. Helicopters also have large windows that provide panoramic views, and they can fly at slower speeds, allowing passengers more time to take in the scenery. One major advantage of helicopter tours is that they can land at certain points within the canyon, providing visitors with an up-close and personal experience.

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Airplance Tours at the Grand Canyon

Airplane tours, on the other hand, provide a more comfortable ride. Airplanes have a larger cabin and can accommodate more passengers than helicopters, making them a good option for families or groups. Airplanes fly higher and faster than helicopters, covering more ground and providing passengers with a wider view of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, airplane tours tend to be less expensive than helicopter tours, making them a more affordable option for visitors.

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