Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat – Helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat – Helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Pricing Update Information

The pricing information for this tour has been updated as of May 2024.

In this list, you will find the key facts of this tour. What makes Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat so special, and why should you consider booking this tour?
What you'll get with this package
  • Hotel-to-hotel transfers
  • Stand on the Edge of the Grand Canyon
  • Land at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • VIP passes to the Skywalk bridge
  • Complimentary Skywalk photo
  • Boating experience on the Colorado River

Are you prepared for an epic experience? If you’re planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, I have something genuinely outstanding for you. Envision a day loaded up with stunning aerial views, a helicopter landing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a tranquil boat tour on the Colorado River, and get a VIP pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Besides, you’ll get a free photograph to recall the experience. This is a definitive Grand Canyon helicopter tour you’ve been sitting tight for.

As a seasoned traveler who has explored the skies from different vantage points, I can confirm with certainty that a few encounters rise above the others and become scratched in your memory until the end of time. The Outstanding Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour is one such experience!

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Embark on an entire day venture that guarantees something beyond a helicopter ride. This extraordinary tour stands apart as a unique chance to explore the Grand Canyon like never before. It’s an excursion that takes you from the clamoring roads of Las Vegas to the core of one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. For those looking for the pinnacle of experience and amazing magnificence, this is the apex.

The Complete Canyon Span Experience

This uncommon helicopter visit covers the total range of the Grand Canyon, from the South Rim toward the North Rim. Unlike different flights that just skim the surface, this excursion guarantees that you witness each subtlety of the canyon’s grandeur. As somebody who has taken various flights, I can authenticate that this comprehensive perspective is unmatched.

Exclusive Access and VIP Treatment

To top everything off, you’ll get a VIP pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This unimaginable glass span sticks out over the canyon, offering you the opportunity to revel in the sunlight of good fortune, suspended high over the canyon floor. An exhilarating encounter will make you  feel like you’re drifting in mid-air, with the canyon loosening up underneath your feet.

A Helicopter Unlike Any Other

The EC130 helicopter, renowned for its oversized windows and stadium-style panoramic seating arrangement, transforms the journey into a visual feast. From the air, witness the hypnotizing scenes of the South Rim and North Rim , catching minutes that characterize the pith of the Grand Canyon. Your experience starts in Las Vegas, where you’ll board the helicopter and take off for the Grand Canyon.

Capture Every Moment

For photography fans and those trying to archive their experience, this helicopter and boat tour give unparalleled opportunities. Take off over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and even catch looks at the notorious Las Vegas skyline. The helicopter’s design guarantees unhampered perspectives, making it a photographer’s fantasy.

A Complimentary Skywalk Photo

No phenomenal experience is truly complete without a tangible reminder of the awe-inspiring moments you’ve lived. Whether you decide to frame it, share it on social media, or include it in your travel scrapbook. As a unique reward to upgrade your Remarkable Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, you’ll get a complimentary photo capturing the essence of your Grand Canyon Skywalk experience.

The Value of a Full-Day Scenic Helicopter Ride

A Complete Day of Grand Canyon Exploration

This isn’t simply a helicopter tour; it’s a far reaching exploration  of the Grand Canyon. The day unfurls with a helicopter flight that seamlessly transitions into a boat tour on the Colorado Waterway. This dual perspective, from air to water, offers an all holistic understanding of the canyon’s diverse terrain.

Reasonable Pricing for an Unforgettable Experience

While one could anticipate that such a surprising experience should accompany a powerful sticker price, the Extraordinary Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour offers reasonable pricing considering the unmatched experience it conveys.

Christian Hänsel before his first flight with AirStar Helicopters at the Grand Canyon in 2004.
The information on this page has been hand crafted by Christian Hänsel. Christian has been to the Grand Canyon many times and flown often on both on heliopcter and airplane tours.