Grand Discovery Rim to Sky Tour

Grand Discovery Rim to Sky Tour

In this list, you will find the key facts of this tour. What makes Grand Discovery Rim to Sky Tour so special, and why should you consider booking this tour?
What you'll get with this package
  • Airplane tour departing Grand Canyon National Park Airport
  • Humvee Tour to outlook points

This is an absolutely breathtaking adventure! The combination of an airplane flight over the iconic Grand Canyon and a thrilling ground tour via a custom convertible Hummer promises an unforgettable experience. The route highlights renowned rock formations like the Dragon Corridor, Zuni Corridor, and the majestic Imperial Point, offering an aerial perspective that’s simply unmatched. With ample sightseeing and photography opportunities aboard the touring aircraft, every moment becomes a picture-perfect memory waiting to be captured.

Once the airplane tour concludes, the transition to the convertible Hummer for a ground tour adds another layer of excitement. Cruising through the Grand Canyon National Park to various scenic lookout points, you’ll have plenty of time at each stop to absorb the awe-inspiring views and capture these moments through your lens. It’s a fantastic adventure suitable for the whole family, promising not just sightseeing but an immersive experience at each vista point.

While the itinerary promises an incredible journey, it’s essential to note that occasional park closures or heavy traffic within the area may result in the omission of some vista points. However, the diversity and grandeur of the Grand Canyon ensure that the adventure remains a thrilling and fulfilling experience.

The features included in this tour, such as the airplane flight, the narrated journey available in multiple languages, the custom Hummer tour within the national park, and the opportunity to stand on the edge of this natural wonder, guarantee an adventure of a lifetime.

Planning-wise, the tour spans approximately 40-45 minutes for the airplane flight and around 3.5 hours for the entire adventure, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon. It’s an opportunity to embrace the vastness and natural splendor of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes.